Pest control for neighbors in need

Bayer has joined forces with pest management professionals and community organizations to battle pest infestations in underserved communities. We’re looking for your help identifying people and communities that would benefit from pest control services.

Success Stories

success stories

how it works

how it works

Bayer brings the Maxforce, and pest management professionals bring the skills. Together, we work with community organizations to identify individuals and neighborhoods that would benefit from pest control services.

Pests such as roaches carry bacteria on their bodies, including salmonella, streptococcus and staphylococcus. They’ve also been implicated in spreading hepatitis virus, typhoid and dysentery, and many urban dwellers (23 to 60 percent) acquire cockroach-induced asthma where infestations are severe.

Many of those battling pest infestations do not have access to professional pest control. That’s where Maxforce on a Mission steps in.

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